Rio Bank Featured on the Google for Work Blog

Latest News | 09.16.2016

A local financial institution is getting some special recognition from the Google Apps team. Rio Bank (formerly known as Elsa State Bank & Trust), a community bank serving clients in South Texas, was recently featured on Google for Work, the official weblog about Google’s enterprise search appliances and other tools for business users.

As part of the blog, Information Technology Officer Jaime Hinojosa shared how Rio Bank overhauled its IT department to provide its workforce with the tools to be more mobile and productive. Hinojosa details how employees wanted greater flexibility to pursue customer leads outside of the office. Before the changes, employees were using laptops and smartphones that did not have the needed security, functionality, or mobile management.

Hinojosa started researching solutions and discovered Google Apps for Work, Google Mobile Device Management, and Android devices. “These solutions helped us achieve our goal of giving our team greater mobility with tools that not only advanced productivity, but also offered security, central management, and cost efficiency,” said Hinojosa.

Rio Bank is now using these tools to manage its Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Note tablets. The centrally-managed Android devices help save time and money without compromising security. “Since commercial institutions can be targeted by cybercriminals, protecting our customer data is especially important,” said Hinojosa.

This is the latest in a series of changes designed to improve the bank’s technology infrastructure. Now, employees are benefitting from greater mobility at work, and can better serve customers. “As a leading financial institution in Texas, Rio Bank is proud to showcase the technology that will keep Rio Bank competitive amid a rapidly evolving work environment,” said Hinojosa.

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