About Us

Elsa State Bank has a reputation for a personalized approach to community banking.
We are dedicated to excellence with an unwavering focus on providing customers
with financial solutions that fit their lives.

Our Story

In March of 1945, fifteen men with a vision saw the need for a community bank to service the needs of their hometown.

Our Story
History of Elsa State Bank

A strong part of the community for over 70 years, the ownership of Elsa State Bank has been passed down the same family through generations. Initially, we were primarily focused on promoting the livelihoods of farmers through agricultural loans. As the needs of the community evolved, we began offering additional products and services for businesses and consumers. Yet, Elsa State Bank still operates with the same timeless dedication to customer service. This approach has allowed us to be successful while creating long-lasting ties to the people and businesses we serve.

Our Mission

At Elsa State Bank, our goal is to provide customers with a full variety of world-class financial products and services that exceed expectations. We emphasize strong customer relationships and a high level of community involvement. Our team is dedicated to consistently delivering the highest quality service to the communities we serve.

Our Culture

We take pride in our strong reputation as we remain committed to investing in our community. Our values of integrity, respect, excellence, and teamwork are essential to our success, and these values are embodied by all of our employees each day. We understand our customers' needs and seek to deliver a truly exceptional experience.

Supporting Growth and Opportunity In Our Community

Elsa State Bank is proud to support our community by contributing to local events, participating in community organizations, and supporting numerous charities that allow us to give back throughout the year. Our dedication to community service has been an important part of our history and it is firmly embedded in our core values. We strive to be more than just a bank. We are committed to acting as a partner to promote growth and opportunity in the neighborhoods we serve. Our purpose is to help our community prosper as we allow people and businesses to reach their goals.

Giving Back

Giving Back

Our Leadership

Our experienced leadership team is committed to providing opportunities for our customers throughout their financial lives.

Latest News & Announcements

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